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Vision and Mission  
Swami Dayanand Saraswati, the founder of Arya Samaj and one of the greatest path finder’s of Modern India, led a crusade against superstitions and pernicious practices that plagued the inhabitants of this ancient land. He gave a new bearing and rationale through the teachings of Arya Samaj. Much that had crept in out of ignorance was gradually weeded out. To accomplish the most cherished goal of the Swami, Dayanand Anglo Vedic Trust and Management Society was established in 1885. The First DAV institution both for school stage and higher learning was established at Lahore in 1886. Since then, the DAV movement has never looked back and runs nearly 770 institutions today in India and abroad. Under the inspiring guidance of our honourable president Shri Punam Suri ji DAV organization has today a nation wide network of nearly 770 educational institutions. Shri Punam Suri ji is a great visionary who believes that education is the only gateway to human development shaping the mind to adventure into the freedom of future. Tossing in the global waves, challenges for the youth are manifold and pressures on young minds are nerve-wrecking. But by providing a holistic education in pleasant & congenial environment, DAV prepares them for these challenges of life in a global society.
With a view to bring a balanced & harmonious development in the future citizens of the country & to infuse in them lofty ideals of the Vedic Culture & high sense of patriotism, the Arya Samaj decided to set up a network of educational institutions in the August memory of great founder Maharshi Dayanand Saraswati.
The D.A.V. movement founded in 1885 ,has rendered a unique service in not only dispelling ignorance & illiteracy but also producing Patriots, Freedom Fighters, Social Reformers, Intellectuals, Thinkers, Legal-Luminaries ,Doctors & Engineers of unparalleled merits ,integrity and caliber.

The society takes legitimate pride for running more than 650 D.A.V. Public schools in various places all over India to impart education emphasizing the Indian philosophy culture & heritage.
Impressed by the excellent functioning of these public schools, several public & private sector undertakings have, from time to time approached society to establish & manage schools in their sectors.
The D.A.V. College Trust & Management has taken up the programmes of settings up educational institutions in backward & tribal areas besides taking up projects of rural development.
To achieve high academic standards personal attention is given to each individual child. The teachers are carefully selected, keeping in mind the special psychology and outlook of every young child. There is a general atmosphere of involvement, dedication and solicitude of all spheres.
The growth and success of D.A.V. schools lies in the harmonious blend of Science and technology and a sound footing of an ancient Vedic Culture.The aim of D.A.V. Schools is to inculcate in the students a lust for knowledge, devotion to duty, honesty and patriotic fervor besides humanity, We impart an education “to build” characters for a civilized and socialized society.
The Mission
  • To provide a wide range of holistic education by homogenizing the western knowledge while remaining anchored to the Indian culture moorings.
  • To act as a catalyst of change by spreading education ,and by dismantling the cobwebs of ignorance and illiteracy.
  • To develop individual who are ,orally upright, intellectually well-informed, socially concerned, emotionally balanced physically well-developed and culturally accomplished.
  • To stimulate a scientific temper by crusading against superstitions and out-dated customs like child marriage, caste system, female foeticide, dowery, gender bias, regionalism etc.
  • To sensitize individuals towards social welfare and 
  • To nurture creative and resourceful minds who think big ,,think fast and think ahead ,who care for the nation and weaker sections of society,and are imbued with humanistic passions and values.
The Vision
The DAV has a clear-cut-vision.
  • To continue expanding and exploring ,locally and globally and be a knowledge leader and content provider.
  • To muster strategies to become a global epicenter of knowledge, culture, skills technology, research and service.
  • To empower women through education.
The school has magnificent building with spacious well equipped classrooms for junior and senior section. It has a well stocked Library, Staff rooms ,one Principal chamber School office and well equipped science labs. It has chemistry, Physics and Biology lab. SUPW workshop and a recreational courtyard with a visitor’s room for guest/visitors.
Additionally the school has a playing area,Aryan Amusement park and one music room with various instruments for all age groups and taste to extract the hidden talent of children.The school is well connected with Indira Stadium for outdoor activities, also an advanced computer lab is established which is undoubtedly the pride of our school.
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DAV Public School Kusmunda
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